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Facts to Understand about the Shawnee tribe.

At any time one tends to think of the Shawnee tribe, there are the important factors that one has to understand. For example, it is vital for you to get to know where the Shawnee tribe live, the clothes they did put on and other important factors about the Shawnee tribe. The Shawnee tribe thus marks their origin as from the Tennessee region around the river Cumberland and migrated to many other parts around America. The territories marking the home of the Shawnee are the Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

The different, climatic conditions, the geographical and the natural resources that were within the regions that the Shawnee lived were the determinant of the kind of lifestyle they live in. It is vital to understand that the Shawnee tribe were semi-nomadic and as a result of this factor, they had their encounters with the Native Indian Culture.

The plains culture, the Northern and the Southern Native Indians were the groups that formed the Shawnee tribe. After the American Civil War, most of the Shawnee in the Kansas were consumed into the Cherokee Nation and were referred as Cherokee Shawnee. The language that the Shawnee tribe used to speak was referred to as the Algonquian language. The food that the Shawnee ate was determined by the region that they occupied. For example, the Shawnee tribe that settled in the Great Plains were feeding on the buffalo; they also hunted animals such as the deer, bear and also turkey. Here's a good read about  piqua shawnee tribe, check it out!

It is also crucial noting that this group of the Shawnee supplemented their diet by other kinds of food as the roots vegetables and also the wild fruits. The Shawnee group that inhabited the woodland region also had their diet which included the fish and small games, for example, the squirrels, deer, Racoon bear and beaver. These group of the Shawnee tribe also supplemented their food with maize, pumpkins, squash, and beans. There was also the people who settled at the Southeast who feed themselves by use of meat from animals for expelling, rabbits, wild hogs, turkeys, eagles, deer, opossums, and raccoons. There were also the crops that were cultivated such as the maize, beans, dried fruits pumpkins and nuts that they too fed on. To gather more awesome ideas on piqua shawnee tribe,  click here to get started.

The Shawnee tribe had adopted the use of the weapons that included the bows, arrows, hatchet axes among other weapons that they used. It is also imperative to understand that the kind of clothes that the Shawnee tribe wore was determined by the climatic conditions around the areas that they settled. During the warm climatic conditions, they wore breechcloths in the summer and during the cold climate the put on the fringed tunics or the shirts and the leggings. There were also the warm robes or the cloaks that they put on for the protection of the cold weather. Hence, this includes some of the important details about the Shawnee tribe
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