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What You Need to Know about the Piqua Shawnee Tribe

There are many different tribes in the greater Red Indian tribe. This tribe is a native of North America. This group is Nomadic which means that they move from place to place in search of better lives and to sustain this life, they practice hunting and farming which is where their source of food comes from. Seeing that they used to move from one pace to the next in search of the life they desired, they had to adjust and adapt to their surroundings, and from constantly doing that, they were able to perfect that skill. Initially, this tribe was from originally from Ohio, western Pennsylvania as well as West Virginia; they, however, had to move from their native land and find somewhere else to live due to the Indian removal act that was implemented in 1830. This act saw to it that they moved and most of them found a home in Kansas. This home was however not to be their permanent home because they were forced to move from Kansas in 1861 and that is how they found themselves living with the Cherokee in Oklahoma state. Read more great facts on piqua shawnee, click here.

Seeing that they used to hunt and fish for their food, it is important to note that they used spears, tomahawks as well as bows and arrows to accomplish this mission. Without the use of these weapons, they would not have a way of getting their food which means that whatever little they go for farming would not be sufficient. Aside from this, it is vital to note that there were some critical distinguishing elements that would tell you that they were the Shawnee tribe, for instance, they would apply paint on their body with unique prints, but if one is not painted, they would have unique tattoo prints on their body. Some of the tribe's people grew their hair long while others had theirs in a Mohawk.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that is that they are recognized federally, they are a tribe that is allowed to have their cultural laws that will govern their society but aside from that, they are also required to act and conduct themselves in line with the laws of the USA. This is nice because it allows them to practice their unique culture which means that they get to preserve some essential cultural gems that would have otherwise gotten lost were they not allowed to practice their culture. For more useful reference regarding piqua shawnee tribe, have a peek here.

With all the elements discussed, it is important to note that opening your mind to other people's culture is amazing as it places you in a better position to grow in wisdom and knowledge. It is for this reason why it is of great importance to make a point to study and learn about them.
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